Five Much-Needed Platforms for Students

Five Much-Needed Platforms for Students

De-bug-ging day to everyone, Today I will share the tools which helped me learn a lot in my college life. I always believe that knowledge will be multiplied only if you share your knowledge with others. I gonna curate the list one by one here.

1) LinkedIn :

The first one is absolutely much needed one and in fact, LinkedIn is the gift card for my life. Linkedin helped me a lot in various factors including learning communication, professionalism, getting worthful connections, learning the importance of personal branding(), exposing my talents to the technical recruiters.

Nowadays, it is mandatory to have a profile in professional media called LinkedIn for everyone. In fact, I am addicted to Linkedin, My day starts and ends from LinkedIn from bed onwards.


Do's in LinkedIn :

  • Profile should always be up to date.
  • Should maintain the proper profile pic and tagline.
  • Your achievements section should be up to date.
  • Update your current position.
  • Share your achievements, works, writings, and your thoughts.
  • Comment your thought in another's post if you have the valid point for the thought.
  • Build a good professional profile and then start approaching HR's politely and professionally to get the opportunity to prove yourself through any career opportunities.

Don'ts in LinkedIn :

  • First thing, I will tell to everyone is Linkedin is not social media like Instagram, Facebook, etc., It is purely professional, so everyone should use that in a good way only.
  • Don't share or post unnecessary content including memes or any others.
  • Build a healthy and good connection, not misuse anyone.
  • Use Linkedin as Linkedin, not use as Tinder.

2) Github:

Github - The growing king of Tech World. It is one of the very very important platforms every student should use. Nowadays, it will be the trump card in your interview. It is called a Future Resume. Nowadays, the trend of seeing paper resumes take off, and your GitHub profile will be the new asset for your placements. if you have a good GitHub profile, you can simply sit back and enjoy your movie. That will be the case in 2 to 4 years. The rise of Open source would be the key to the door of Github. There are numerous open-source projects, tools, etc., are available on Github. You can contribute your knowledge or learn a lot from the world of open source. Build a good open-source contributor profile from your college days itself. There are several open-source events like hacktoberfest that are very important and try to involve yourself. This is the absolute platform to explore your technical skills and learn a lot from other's works and you can get several ideas for your projects.

If you decided to move your career to the IT sector means, you should have an excellent Github profile.


This is the power of Github.

3) Quora :

The third one is Quora, It is one of the outstanding platforms to ask your questions and answer several people's questions. I use this platform for most of my Why and How questions. You can find a lot of spaces here, You can join your favorite and most relatable space and start answering questions.


It is useful for everyone from software developers to UPSC Aspirants. I used to solve coding problems regularly by taking from quora only. And personally, this is the best place to get suggestions for General HR round questions. I always used to walk through several questions and the smart answers for those questions in quora before attending every interview. For computer science aspirants, I suggest some of the spaces which will be very helpful.

  • Daily Coding Problems
  • Algorithms for beginners
  • Daily CP tips
  • Cracking Interviews
  • Software Engineering Job Interviews

Note: Your questions and answers should be very polite and not intentionally blaming anyone.

4) Product Hunt

Here you will see the several innovations and curiosity to develop products. It's like a marketplace for developers to release their products. Several developers are racing day by day to make their products trending in their daily featured product list. Here you can find different and innovative projects which will help you to stay productive and make your daily work easier. You can find several Saas products, Productivity apps, API's, Web apps, Design tools, etc.,


5) Medium

It is one of the best platforms with a huge number of audiences to enhance your writing and reading skills. In fact, it will be acting as an inspiration in several aspects. You can find others' experiences, tricks, tips, learnings, skills, etc., It is an absolute platform for anyone who wishes to start their career/needs to start a side hustle in the field of writing. There are several good publications in Medium. I just share my favorites,

These are very few, There are numerous good publications are available in Medium, You can choose and play around your interesting topics.